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15 Everything ‘The Crown’ on Netflix got wrong!

Prince Harry’s thoughts: In an interview with James Corden, Prince Harry said about the show: “It’s fictional.

Season one: The smog In season one, Winston Churchill is inspired to take action about the terrible smog.

Season two: Philip’s infidelity: Much of the second season is dedicated to the marriage difficulties between Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

Season three: Princess Alice: Prince Philip’s mother Princess Alice never gave an in-depth interview to a journalist named.

Jackie Kennedy: In the episode where John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy visit the Queen.

The Parker Bowles affairs: The star siblings Prince Charles and Princess Anne did have rather tangled love lives.

The farewell: The Queen’s visit to Churchill after he had his stroke was fictional.

Princess Margaret’s diplomatic mission: Although it was a great story for TV, Princess Margaret did not play a key role in smoothing.

Season four: The meet cute Princess Diana makes a very exciting entrance to the show in the fourth season.

The deer: Diana did make a fateful trip to Balmoral to meet the royal family, and the visit.

The roller blades: Sadly, it’s unconfirmed that Diana used to roller blade through carpeted halls.

Diana and Camilla: Diana and Camilla Parker Bowles actually knew each other before the engagement.

Margaret Thatcher: Another new star of the fourth season is Margaret Thatcher. Thatcher was the first female prime.

Mark Thatcher and the Falklands: The show suggests that the disappearance of Thatcher’s son occurs.

The Queen turns against Thatcher: The show illustrates a very real scandal in which a newspaper article.



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