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15 Easy stretches for menstrual pain relief!

Cobra stretch: You may feel like you want to curl up when you’re in pain, but doing the exact opposite.

Fish pose: From a yoga perspective, the fish pose works great in releasing trapped.

Forward bend: Feeling grounded and connected can help calm the parasympathetic.

Knee-to-chest: Bloating and excessive gas can be very uncomfortable.

Seated straddle forward bend: Many women experience back pain during this time of the month.

Supine butterfly: This is a great stretch to promote calmness and relaxation, which are important.

Bound angle (seated butterfly): This seated stretch works great in calming you down, as well as releasing.

Child’s pose: This is a comfortable and soothing position to get into during your period.

Supine twist: A twisting motion may help stimulate blood flow in your pelvic region.

Legs up a wall: It doesn’t get simpler than this. Stretching your legs up against.

Cat and cow: This gentle core stretch relaxes your muscles and promotes blood flow.

Pigeon pose: Tension in the hips can aggravate cramping, but the pigeon pose can really.

Happy baby pose: In addition to being a great hip opener and helping to reduce tension in your back.

Supine figure 4 stretch: This is a great stretch for both your glutes and lower back.

Supine figure: To perform the supine figure 4 stretch, lay on your back, then grab and raise.



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