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15 Diehard fictional sports fans in TV and film!

Gil Renard The Fan: In this poorly received thriller, Robert De Niro plays an obsessed San Francisco Giants fan.

The Dilemma: Himself a Chicago Blackhawks’ fan, Vince Vaughn has been filmed at the team’s games in a few movies.

South Park: Given that the animated adult comedy is set in Colorado, it’s no surprise that Stan (voiced by ‘South Park.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Lest we forget, Will Smith played Will Smith (no fictional last name.

Jerry Maguire: Now this one’s a bit of an outlier. In ‘Jerry Maguire,’ little Ray (Jonathan Lipnicki.

Full House: Given that ‘Full House’ (and its sequel, ‘Fuller House.

Notes on a Scandal: In ‘Notes on a Scandal,’ Brian (Phil Davis) is seen returning from a Tottenham Hotspur.

Fever Pitch: Ben (Jimmy Fallon) is the ultimate Boston Red Sox fan in this comedy.

Parks and Recreation: Pawnee is found where? In Indiana, just like the Indianapolis Colts, Andy’s (Chris Pratt.

Grandmaster B: If you’re a fan of this sitcom, you won’t forget Bud’s (David Faustino) turn as rapper Grandmaster B.

Austin Powers in Goldmember: Think back to the prison scene and how Dr. Evil (Mike Myers.

Karen Sisco: Starring opposite George Clooney, Jennifer Lopez’s character is a Miami Dolphins.

Daniel LaRusso: You may remember seeing Daniel (Ralph Macchio) wearing a San Diego Chargers.

Joey Tribbiani: A real New York guy, Joey (Matt LeBlanc) is a big fan of the Knicks.



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