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15 Condiments that are terrible for your health (and what to replace them with)!

Mayonnaise: With processed refined soybean oil as the main ingredient in most mayo’s.

Olive oil: Even though mayo is not healthy in general, you can make it healthier by ensuring.

Ketchup: This one is a nightmare for your health. It’s essentially just sugar.

Tomato relish: Try tomato relish instead. It’s actually super easy to make, and you can buy it, too.

Honey mustard: Mustard and honey means a lot of salt and a lot of sugar. Indeed, honey.

Hummus: If you’re considering replacing honey mustard in a spread for sandwiches.

Fat-free dressing: These kinds of dressings usually fool people by being deceptively sweet.

Greek yogurt: Full-fat Greek yogurt should do the trick as a replacement. It’s creamy.

Hoisin sauce: The Chinese version of American BBQ sauce is sweet and salty.

Oyster sauce: Danielle Flug Capalino, a registered dietitian in New York City, says “oyster sauce.

Ranch dressing: Salads are healthy, so we are quick to ignore the nutritional value of the dressing.

Tahini: Try replacement tahini, a Middle Eastern condiment made from toasted.

Hot sauce: Hot sauces can be packed with salt. That’s fine if you’re only having a teaspoon.

Soy sauce: It’s very easy to go overboard on soy sauce. According to Auslander.

Coconut amino acids: Coconut amino acids is a healthier alternative to soy sauce. It’s a salty.



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