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15 Bladder cancer the signs, symptoms, and treatments!

Common symptoms: The most common symptom of bladder cancer and an early indicator.

Early signs: Frequent urination and the urgent need to urinate even if your bladder.

When to seek medical advice: If you have blood in your urine, or if it appears discolored, and even.

Advanced stages: If bladder cancer reaches an advanced stage and has spread, symptoms.

Swelling in the feet and legs: Puffy, swollen, or heavy feet and legs can also be indicative of advanced bladder cancer.

Causes: Bladder cancer begins when cells in the bladder develop changes.

Types of bladder cancer: There are various types of bladder cancer. Urothelial carcinoma.

Other types of bladder cancer: Not so common is squamous cell carcinoma, while adenocarcinomas.

Risk factors: Several factors may increase the chances of developing bladder cancer.

Exposure to chemicals: Exposure to certain chemicals, specifically those used in the textile, rubber.

Increasing age: Advancing years can increase bladder cancer risk. Though it can occur.

Gender: According to Cancer.Net, men are four times more likely to develop bladder.

Race: Cancer.Net also notes that while white people are more than twice.

Previous cancer treatment: Other risk factors include having undergone previous treatment.

Stages of bladder cancer: In early stage or non-muscle invasive bladder cancer, the tumors.



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