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15 Bizarre instruments and sounds in famous songs!

Aerosmith: ‘Sweet Emotion’ It might sound like maracas, but the shaker sound you hear in this Aerosmith song.

Jimi Hendrix: ‘Crosstown Traffic’ Hendrix reportedly used a kazoo built by himself using a comb.

Gorillaz: ‘Clint Eastwood’ The melodica, also known as blow organ/key flute, is very present in the band’s 2001 single.

Backstreet Boys: ‘The Call’ Flatulence can be heard in ‘The Call.’ AJ McLean recalls.

Nirvana: ‘Drain You’ If you listen carefully, you might notice a peculiar sound in this Nirvana song.

Soundgarden: ‘Spoonman’ If you’re thinking spoons, you guessed it right! The song features a Seattle street.

Radiohead: ‘No Surprises’ The British band used a glockenspiel in their song ‘No Surprises.

Missy Elliott: ‘Work It’ The rapper uses a sample of an elephant trumpet to bleep a word in the song.

Pixies: ‘Velouria’ The band used a theremin, which makes cool sci-fi sounds. It’s operated by controlling.

The Beach Boys: ‘Good Vibrations’ The Beach Boys also used the theremin in their 1966 hit.

The Troggs: ‘Wild Thing’ This classic garage rock song features a solo recorded using an ocarina.

Nicki Minaj: ‘Anaconda’ In case you haven’t noticed, you can hear a loon bird call in this song.

Neil Young: ‘Harvest Moon’ The singer-songwriter used the sound of a broom sweeping across sandpaper in this song.

Dido: ‘If I Rise’ You play it like a piano and it sounds like a guitar. Meet the harpejji. Dido likes it, apparently.

Boney M: ‘Rasputin’ The balalaika is a folk instrument from Russia. Still, it has a place in disco.



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