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10 Water Tanks Brands in India!

Sintex Water Tank: Sintex is the first brand to introduce water tanks in India, and the brand has been operating since 1931.

Plasto Water Tank: Plasto is another popular water tank brand in India and has made a good reputation in the plastic manufacturing industry over time.

Supreme Water Tank: The supreme water tanks are a few of the biggest leaders in the Indian plastic market.

Ashirvad Water Tanks: Ashirvad is another well-known brand that is considered rough and tough in plastic manufacturing.

Penguin Water Tank: The Penguin water tank also has a good reputation in the Indian market.

Storewel Water Tank: Founded in 1987 under the name of Rotomatic Containers Pvt. Ltd., Storewel has evolved greatly over time.

Vectus Water Tank: Vectus Ind. Ltd. is one of the popular brands producing polymer-based water storage products.

National Plastics Water Tank: The National Plastic has completed more than 44 years of experience in the plastic market and has been growing at a good speed since 1978.

Aquatech Water Tanks: Aquatech is the leading manufacturer in the Indian plastic market.

Ocean Water Tank: Ocean brand mostly sells its double-layered and bacteria-free water tanks.



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