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10 Very Best Things To Do In San Sebastian, Spain!

Old Town (Parte Vieja): Nestled between Alameda del Boulevard and Monte Urgull’s base, San Sebastian’s Old Town.

Buen Pastor Cathedral: Known as the largest church in all of San Sebastian.

Isla de Santa Clara: Isla de Santa Clara is just a tiny dot off the coast of San Sebastian.

La Concha Beach: considered the Summer Capital of Europe by Queen Regent Maria Cristina.

Plaza de la Constitución: Plaza de la Constitucion, situated in the Old Town, is one of the liveliest parts of San Sebastian.

Museo de San Telmo: Located at the base of Monte Urgull, Museo de San Telmo is Basque Country’s oldest museum.

Miramar Royal Palace: Featuring English Tudor-style architecture, Miramar Royal Palace was built by renowned English architect Selden Wornum.

Monte Urgull: Over the years Monte Urgull has served to be a permanent backdrop of San Sebastian’s skyline.

Ondarreta Beach (Playa de Ondarreta): Just a stone’s throw away from the Miramar Royal Palace, visiting Ondarreta Beach.

Basilica de Santa Maria del Coro: Located at the heart of the Old Town, Basilica de Santa Maria del Coro is a splendid church.



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