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10 Very Best Things To Do In Gibraltar!

Dolphin boat tour: One of the great things about Gibraltar is that it’s fully surrounded by the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea.

Gibraltar Skywalk: You have not been to Gibraltar unless you have walked across the Gibraltar Skywalk.

Go to Europe Point: Perched in the South District, visiting Europe Point.

O’Hara Battery (and highest point): One of the highest points on the rock, visiting the O’Hara Battery is one of the best things to do in Gibraltar for views.

Gibraltar Cable Car: Fancy scaling the rock without any arduous walk or hike.

St. Michael’s Cave: St. Michael’s Cave is a glorious area to explore and totally worth seeing if you fancy a day away from the sun.

The Great Siege Tunnels: Exploring the tunnels of the Great Siege is like travelling into a different place entirely.

Main Street and Casemates Square: Exploring a new place is totally exciting.

Moorish Castle: The Moorish Castle stands tall over Gibraltar and dates back centuries.

Windsor Suspension Bridge: As you walk up (or down) the Rock of Gibraltar, make sure to walk across the Windsor Suspension Bridge.



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