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10 Very Best Things To Do In Catania, Sicily!

Visit Palazzo Biscari: The private palace of Biscari is one stunning spot to see whilst visiting Catania.

Take a Trip to Castello Ursino: Built way back in the 1200s, out of lava stone, visiting Castello Ursino.

Go to Monastery of San Nicolò l’Arena: San Nicolò l’Arena might not seem like an obvious choice for a place to visit but trust me here.

See the Greek-Roman Theatre: Constructed out of rocks provided by the nearby Mount Etna.

Take a trip to Mount Etna: Yeah, I know, Mount Etna isn’t Catania – but hear me out.

See the Gates of Porta Garibaldi: Porta Garibaldi dates way back to the 1700s when it was constructed as a triumphal arch.

Visit Catania Cathedral: Okay, so Catania Cathedral is probably the most beautiful structure in the city.

Go to Giardini Bellini: The oldest of all the parks in Catania.

Head over to Castello di Aci: Not too far away from the centre of Catania is Castello di Aci.

Spot the Fountain of the Elephant: In fact, it’s hard to miss when you’re in the historic centre.



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