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10 Very Best Sun Protection Tips For Your Holiday!

Find a sunscreen that isn’t greasy: Honestly, this is the thing that has, sometimes, put me off applying sun protection whilst on holiday.

Wear sun protection when it’s cloudy: Even when it’s cloudy, that sun can still do lots of damage to your delicate skin.

Cold places can be worse than hot ones: Look, travelling to some destinations invariably mean you’ll be exposed to lots more of that harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Stay out of the direct sun: So, when the sun is highest in the sky, typically around 10 am until around 2 pm (sometimes 4 pm), the sun rays are more intense.

Clothing is key: Look, this might sound obvious but a good hat, shades and long sleeves help a huge deal.

Sunblock isn’t just about cream: There’s a whole heap of travel toiletries that aren’t just about sun cream.

Always choose an SPF of 30 or higher: For me, one of the best sun protection tips is just going as high as possible with SPF.

Keep an eye on expiration dates: Just like medication you buy, sunscreen can lose its potency over time. This is why they have best before dates on them.

A base tan can be bad: The idea of a base tan is actually quite bad, and definitely not one of the best sun protection tips you should ever follow.

Packing light isn’t an excuse: Look, if you’re packing hand luggage only or very light, it’s still no excuse to not have sun protection with you.



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