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10 Best Hikes In Alberta!

Johnston Canyon : Johnston Canyon is one of those hikes that’s suited to most abilities and smack-bang within Banff National Park.

Maligne Canyon: Maligne Canyon is a stunning natural landscape that’s perched within Jaspar National Park is the result of thousands of years of erosion.

Moraine Lake Shoreline: Located in Banff National Park, around 10-15km away from Lake Louise, Moraine Lake is probably the most photographed and best hikes in Alberta to explore if you want an iconic landscape.

Cory Pass: Located in Banff National Park, this challenging 13km hike can take anywhere from five to eight hours to complete.

Lac Beauvert: This 3.5-km trail in Jasper National Park is quite easy and only takes about two hours maximum to complete.

Sunwapta Falls: Sunwapta Falls is a short, easy walk just off of the Icefields Parkway in Jasper National Park.

Wilcox Path: Wilcox Path is one of the best hikes in Alberta to explore when heading down Icefields Parkway and a relatively easy hike to explore whilst in the province.

Crypt Lake Trail: This moderate hike in Waterton Lakes National Park is approximately 18-km long. This all makes it a challenge for most hikers but it’s certainly one of the most rewarding, too.

Plain of Six Glaciers: One of the more popular trails in Banff National Park, the Plain of Six Glaciers hike is pretty challenging.

The Sulphur Skyline: One of the most impressive hikes in all of Jasper National Park, this 8-km hike is quite steep and difficult in places.



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