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10 Best French Fries – Based on Deliciousness!

The Potato Wedges French Fries: The potato wedge settles all the very last choice of French fries totem pole.

The Waffle French Fries: The waffle fries in return is the opposite of potato French fries.

The Sweet Potato French Fries: We don’t despise these fries but definitely, we’re not loving it.

The Crinkle Cut French Fries: The crinkle cut French fries seems to look like the good time.

The Steak French Fries: The steak fries seem to be barely fun-looking kind of crinkle cut type of fries.

The Standard French Fries: This is where it all started- the standard fries.

The Belgian Fries: This might look like a classic fries experience, but certainly, they’re not.

The Shoestring French Fries: In spite of this being not as crunchy like the Belgian fries, there’s definitely something gratifying about them.

The Curly Fries: There’s something in these fries that’s so satisfying.

The Garlic Fries: With garlic on it, definitely, it’s a sold out.



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