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10 Best Bakeries In Vancouver To Visit!

Lee’s Donuts: Perched in the market at Granville Island, Lee’s Donuts.

Nero Belgian Waffles: Based on Robson Street, Nero Belgian Waffles are known for having some of the tastiest Belgian Waffles in all of British Columbia.

New Town Bakery: Although there’s about 3 New Town Bakeries, the main one is on Pender Street.

Purebread: One of the things l love most about Purebread is their huge mix of both sweet and savoury treats that line the store.

Beaucoup Bakery: Relatively close to Granville Island, it’s located just under the bridge that connects downtown.

Small Victory: Based on Homer Street, Small Victory is my favourite place to visit scones.

Thierry Café: Now, I’m not a fan of macaroons so I can’t attest to how delicious these were but they certainly.

Stuart’s Bakery: No trip to Vancouver is complete without a visit to Granville Island.

Thomas Haas Chocolates: Close to Connaught Park on Broadway, make sure you try their handcrafted chocolates.

Cadeaux Bakery: Perched on Powell Street, Cadeaux Bakery makes some yummy dark chocolate croissant and cakes that are great if you’re looking to celebrate.



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