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10 Beer Brands in the World!

Pilsner: Pilsner is a type of beer that originally came from the western Bohemian city of Pilsen.

Pale Ale: Although the title pale ale originally came from England in the 18th century.

Stouts: Stouts are top-fermented beers that are darkly colored and have distinctly smoked varieties.

Brown Ale: Brown ale is an ancient and popular type of beer whose roots lie in the British manufacturing heritage.

India Pale Ale: India pale ale is among the most interesting types of beer whose origins are still fiercely debated.

Helles: Helles is a craft beer in the German tradition that first originated in 1894 in Munich.

Weissbier: Weissbier is a traditional Bavarian grain ale that’s also highest and described by its meringue foam and snowy texture.

Dubbel: A smooth and well-balanced Trappist beer originated in Belgium, Dubbel is often associated with the modern version of Henrik Verlinden.

Dunkel: Dunkel is a gloomy lager from Germany, most of which is correlated with Bavaria and Munich.

Guinness Draught: Guinness Draught is a traditional dense Irish stout crafted from buckwheat flour and malted grain barley fried.



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