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10 Beauty Tips!

Cleansing Your Skin: Most of us clean our face with a face wash or soap, but that’s not what you have to be doing.

Sunscreen: Sunscreen protects your skin in two ways, one from getting tanned and the other from harmful radiation like Ultraviolet rays.

A proper liquid intake: Dermatologists have suggested that the right liquid intake group is enough for your skin protection.

Maintaining the order of skincare products: Most of us regularly do the skincare routine.

Managing makeup on your skin: I know you all love makeup. But as much as you fancy wearing makeup, it is important to remove the makeup too.

Using organic materials in your kitchen/garden: If you observe a bit, many hidden gems exist in our kitchen or garden.

Do not process your hair twice or thrice: Hair coloring is something all Genz love these days.

Opting for Cuticle oil for nails: If you observe thoroughly, our nail’s cuticle shape changes according to the season.

Sleep cycle: It may sound generic and common to have a proper sleep cycle.

Facial yoga and Massage: Just like we do yoga for our body, one should also make a habit of facial yoga.



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